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School year 2016-2017: All you need to do is make the flatrate payment to receive educational materials for your child/children throughout the school year.

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Report Card Conferences P30 begin at 12:45 followed by the Teacher Appreciation Dinner.

Donnerstag, 30.06.2016, 17:30, Aula, P30 mit dem NMS-Orchester & Gästen sowie dem Grundkurs DS (Klasse 12). Schüler: 2 Euro, Erwachsene: 3 Euro.

21 June 2016: A Doll´s House by Hendrik Ibsen, adapted and performed by Pre IB 11, supervised by Mr. MacIntosh.

Its a midsummer night and sweltering heat in Berlin. The Aula at P30 is transported to Ibsen’s cool Norway, the asssembled spectators treated to some good acting with clear articulation of the complex text. The young IB students rendered a convincing performance in which fraud, blackmail and martial relationships in social constraints come alive on stage. By including the "greek choir" the play had an interesting twist, ensuring the story line was not lost on the audience.

Prais for the hard work and hours of input.

Thanks to the enthusiastic audience and to the ever supportive Rudi assisting with all technical matters.

Die Klasse 3b beschäftigt sich zurzeit mit dem Thema Klima, denn unser Klima auf der Erde wird wärmer. Schuld daran sind wir Menschen.

Wir fahren Auto, lassen den Wasserhahn lange auf (länger als wir brauchen), wir machen das Licht an, wenn die Sonne scheint und drehen die Heizung ganz weit auf. Das verbraucht viel Energie. Die Energie, die wir brauchen, kommt aus Kohle- und Atomkraftwerken. Kohlekraftwerke verbrennen Kohle. Der Rauch, der dadurch entsteht nennt man CO2. CO2 ist ein Gas, wie Sauerstoff. Bäume atmen CO2 ein und Luft aus. Wir Menschen fällen Bäume. So haben wir weniger Luft.

Deshalb wird das Klima auf der Erde wärmer (wir kriegen immer mehr CO2 auf der Welt).

Wir, die 3b, überlegten uns, wie wir etwas an dem Klimawandel ändern können.

Wir haben in Kunst große Poster gebastelt. Eine Frau vom Deutschen Design Museum half uns dabei. Die Poster hängen jetzt an 10 verschiedenen Litfaßsäulen in der Umgebung der Schule. Direkt vor der Schule könnt Ihr 4 dieser Plakate bewundern.

In Mutter- und Partnersprache haben wir auch noch kleine Poster am Computer gemacht, die wir überall in der Schule aufgehängt haben. Auf den Postern ging es ums Energiesparen. Wir haben Tipps aufgeschrieben, wie wir weniger Energie verbrauchen können. Noch ist es noch nicht zu spät, die Welt zu retten! Helft alle dabei!!!

Yara, Klasse 3b

In the class 3b we had a project about global warming. In ES (environmental studies) we learned about the course of global warming and we looked at some video’s about global warming and it’s courses. For example the Great Barrier Reef is slowly but steadily being destroyed. It is DYING! We made big posters. Some of the posters said, „I love Klima“. The others said, „Global warming is a warning.“ We used black and green markers but the posters didn’t come out very well. So we had to make new ones. Anyway, we also designed posters on the computer. It took a while but when we were finished we hung the posters around the school.

Now our posters are hanging around Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf on 10 “Litfaßsäulen”. By the way, if we don’t do anything before it’s too late the earth will overheat. Here are some things you can do: You can take short showers that are not longer than 10 min or you could drive your bike more often than your car. You could also plant some trees. Everybody needs to try and help us save the world!!!!! Thank you!!!

By vidan and oscar from class 3b

More pictures below!

Theatre WPU 9&10, 17:30, Aula, P30. Illustration by Mia-René Butter, 9a.

Merci beaucoup à nos élèves grâce auxquels on a passé une excellente soirée avec des grandes performances, des voix remarquables et surtout des élèves confiants en soi et expressifs!

Merci aussi aux 50 invités d'être venus si nombreux malgré la concurrence du foot :-)

Voici quelques petites impressions de l’événement.

French evening @ B24 – a great success

Many thanks to our students who made it possible to enjoy a wonderful evening, great performances, extraordinary voices and very self-confident expressive students!

Thanks a lot also to the 50 guests for being there in such a large number despite the concurrence of football :-)

Here are some impressions of the event.

On Thursday the 16th of June 2016 we hosted a talent show for the first time in years and enjoyed 18 wonderful performances by the NMS community. After months of preparation and running auditions the work payed off and we had a great turnout. Our judges (Isabel Zander Zeidam 10D, Safiye Rafehi 10D, Isabelle Klopman 9C and Finn Killing 8A), had a very hard time agreeing on the first four places which were held by: 4. Paloma from 9th grade, 3. Jonas and from 7th grade, 2. Melanie, Charlotte, Peppi from 6th grade and the winner of our show 1. Luke who amazed the audience with his improvised guitar piece. We thank everyone who came and supported our talent show and we congratulate all of our candidates. We hope you had just as much fun as we did!

Xx Talent Show Committee (Vera Gramann, Safiye Rafiki, Alex Galita, Johara Meyer)
(Bild: Talent Show-Moderatoren Johara und Alex)