​Coming soon: Empowering Parents seminars for parents and students (in English) organised by PEPtalk ​parent initiative

Thurs 20th April 2017, 19.00–21.00 hrs
Fact or Fake: Dealing with Social Media Content
for parents (focus: grade 5+)
Students welcome (grade 10+)

in the Secondary Aula (Pfalzburger Str. 30, 4th floor)
With Jochen Spangenberg, Annemieke Akkermans and NMS students

PepTalk Social Media 20 April 2017

Mon 8th May 2017, 19.00– 21.00 hrs
Preventing Addiction: Questions and Answers with Anne Wilkening
for parents and students from grades 6-10

Das UNESCO-Projekt „Inner Peace Day“ kam am 06.03.17 nach Berlin und besuchte auch uns in der Nelson-Mandela-Schule. Eine Gruppe von Freiwilligen aus ganz Europa gaben am Montag und Dienstag Workshops in sechs verschiedenen Klassen der Sekundarstufe. Dabei ging es nicht nur um den Frieden in der Welt, sondern auch um den eigenen Frieden tief in uns, der uns zu ausgeglichenen und fairen Mitmenschen einer Gesellschaft macht. Im Rahmen des Workshops gab es eine angeleitete Meditation und kleine Hilfen, mehr Ruhe in den eigenen Alltag zu bringen. Schüler/innen und Lehrkräfte waren sehr begeistert von diesem Projekt und genossen die Ruhe.

On March 8 11 NMS Upper Secondary Art students (Q4 LK Art I) tested several assignments of their museum’s guidebookon 32 WPU Art students from years 9 and 10. Once again, Friederike Holländer had prepared the studio pavilion – the extended workspace of the Bauhaus-Archiv – perfectly by setting up a creative art studio with all materials and tools necessary to fulfill the tasks of our Leistungskurs students. By now, the collection has shrunk drastically due to the first phase of a long construction period to enlarge the exhibition space at Bauhaus. Nevertheless, after Hettie and Emilia had explained the purpose of their museum’s guidebook and given an overview of the workshop, the 32 students of Years 9 and 10 strolled though the Bauhaus collection to find inspirations to work on their given tasks.

On Tuesday, 25 April 2017 at 19:00, there will be a performance of Euripides’ Alcestis in the Aula, P30. It costs €2 for pupils and €4 for adults.

Around 25 students, 2 teachers and 1 parent joined the UMUGANDA as opportunity to do NMS community service on March 11. We cleaned the halls of our buildings and tidied up the entrance area. The schoolyard was cleaned from trash – the students were amazed by the amounts of wrappers, cups and bottles that had not been thrown in the bin. Most of the students joining in are contributing their time and effort due to their community work hours for Orientation Phase’s RESPONSIBILITIES & CHALLENGES. But a couple of student also just joined in because they feel a responsibility for their school’s maintenance.

Beginning Friday, March 10th, Mr. Peterson will be holding SCIENCE FRIDAYS at NMS Secondary, P30. The purpose is to provide an informal atmosphere in which students are free to ask, explore and have fun in the world of science. The goal is to be more than a ‘science club’; we want this to be a welcoming setting for anyone to come by and ask questions to their heart’s content, to research and discover new knowledge, to use science in creative and nefarious (just kidding) ways and possibly cook some food (cooking is chemistry and biology!). This idea came about after hearing all the wonderful and complex questions students ask in science class, questions for which we never have enough time to answer thoroughly. So SCIENCE FRIDAY will be that, the opportunity not only to ask questions, but for students to be guided on how to find answers and to find new questions. In addition, there have been numerous requests from our students that our school have a Jugend forscht team – so SCIENCE FRIDAY will also be our starting point for that endeavor.

On March 8 a small group of initiators, Meret Weber (10c), Clara Schneck (IB12), Fanny Tockner (Q2) and Florentine Baumann, met to discuss the chances of an application of our school to become a BERLINER KLIMA-SCHULE. The label certifies schools that offer several activities towards sustainability and an eco-friendly school atmosphere.

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  • Pfalzburger Straße 23 (P23), Flex-6
  • Pfalzburger Straße 30 (P30), 7-13
  • Babelsberger Straße 24-25 (B24), Flex-10


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