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Secondary: Elternsprechtag / Parent-Teacher-Day 11.11.2014

Klasse 9: Erkundung am elterlichen Arbeitsplatz im Fach Arbeitslehre

Fach Arbeitslehre: Der Termin für die Hospitation der Schüler/innen der Klassenstufe 9 am Arbeitsplatz ihrer Eltern im Rahmen des Fachs Arbeitslehre ist in diesem Jahr der 21.11.2014.

Erste Assembly im B24 Campus

Am letzten Schultag vor den Herbstferien fand nun auch in der B24 die erste Assembly mit allen Schülern der Primär-und Sekundarstufe statt. Gemäß der NMS-Tradition gab es ein buntes und unterhaltsames Programm von Groß und Klein, durch das uns Schüler und Schülerinnen der 8e führten. Besonders schön hierbei: Die Begrüßung der Community in acht verschiedenen Sprachen! Tausend Dank auch an Sylvia Schneider, die mit dafür gesorgt hat, dass unser erstes Zusammentreffen im neuen Campus so gut gelingen konnte!

Auch haben die Schüler und Schülerinnen der B24-Sekundarstufe ein Team als Campussprecher gewählt: Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Ruby ( 9e) und Peter (10e)!

Ein abschliessendes Highlight für die Kids war sicher das reichhaltige Kuchenbuffet, an dem sich am Anschluss der Veranstaltung alle stärken konnten! Unser Dank an alle fleißigen Hände!

Und zum Abschluss unten einige Impressionen!

Joint NMS Halloween Parties (B24 and P30)

Come and celebrate Halloween with us!

1. Lower NMS grades (1-10): Thursday, 6th November 5.30-7.30 pm in the B24 School Club
Tickets will include entry to the Haunted Hallway/House, the Spell-Binding Spooky Disco including the Creepily Chilling Costume Competition, a festive face-painting, the Wicked Witch's Broomstick relay race, Moonlight Marshmallow Roasting, Trick or Treating, a hot dog (blood optional), a witch's brew and lots more activities....

Bring all your friends along and help to make the first B24 party a success !

Tickets will be 6€ pre-sales and 7€ at the door. Tickets include huge fun, all food, treats and drinks – sales started on Monday, 13th October at B24 campus, from Tuesday, 4th November sales also at P23 campus... Funds raised will be donated to the B24 library. Tickets of the B24 party also will give upper grade students of B24 (7-10) entrance to the P30 party without an additional P30 entrance fee.

  • More info below!

2. Upper NMS grades (7-13): Friday, 7th November 5-10 pm in P30 new building
P30-Tickets will be 4€ at the door. Tickets include Halloween fun and a drink sales started on Monday, 13th October at B24 campus. Funds raised will go towards the NMS-P30 Abi-Party.

Please look out for detailed information in the campuses. We're looking forward to party with you!


For digital skills@home and in school!
For Students, Parents, Teachers & Educators

Check this page every week for the latest and greatest Cool Tool curated by NMS′s own Annemieke Akkermans, a Secondary IT and Flex class teacher.

for 03 November 2014: TRICIDER:

Polling has just entered the 21st century. There are numerous online voting tools, but Tricider has to be one of the most powerful ones – for crowdsourcing or use in an educational setting. When a group of people have a decision to make between several options, Tricider is an excellent choice: free and very easy to use. Simply enter a question, such as ‘where shall we go on our class-trip’ and share the URL, so that everyone involved can enter suggestions. After the brainstorm phase, all participants vote for a suggestion – and provide feedback. A powerful and fun tool for collaboration in classrooms and boardrooms, Tricider can also be easily embedded in a blog in order to receive direct feedback from readers.

Skireise 8. Klassen

Die Skireise der 8. Klassen findet vom 27.02.-07.03.2015 statt.


For the second UMUGANDA around 55 members of the NMS community gathered on October 11, 2014 to dedicate their Saturday afternoon to making our school a nicer place. We started off with warm pancakes and hoped to push the rain clouds aside with lots of sunshine on our minds. Over forty students, six parents and seven teachers from P23, B24 and P30 came to the campus on Pfalzburger Str. 30 to clean the entrance area of the school, the surroundings, the schoolyard, the halls, to decorate rooms, hang up artwork and to create brainy quotes. Tree trunks were ornamented with notes to be exchanged and study/recreational areas were assigned in the school building. Once again it made those who worked together happy and proud to be part of a fantastic team with lots of school spirit. Thank you all for your support!

UMUGANDA III will take place on January 10, 2015 from 1pm to 5pm @ B24.

More pictures below!

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