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Message from the Head

​Dear ​Parents and Students, dear Friends of NMS, dear colleagues,

Just before we are heading what promises to be sunny May weekend, I would like to send you a brief message form the Head.

First of all, I have had a very enjoyable MADIBA WEEK, for the second time with guests from our partner, the Mandela School in Mvezo, South Africa. With the title of 67 activities, alluding to the 67 years of service Nelson Mandela has contributed, the diversity of activities, ideas, assemblies and events has been truly stunning. Please ask your children to tell you more. After the very warm welcome at the Freedom Day at the South African Embassy our school received this Wednesday, today various student assemblies had the week culminate in a sheer firework of presentations and performances. It is my pleasure to thanks all students, teachers and educators, as well as parents who have made this week that special for all of us. the MADIBA Group, headed by Given Rapholo, created a perfect playing field with the concept of 67 activities – THANK YOU!

Second, I would like forward to you the minutes of our recent School conference Meeting last Wednesday.

We were meeting in order to create a general vote for our school on the option of founding the second international school​ during the remainder of​ this year. This has been under discussion for quite some time as you know, but has know received a much more concrete outlook as our State Secretary, Mark Rackles, responded to an official query from the Berlin Local Parliament with the announcement that “the founding of the second school is scheduled for the second half of this year”/“Die Gründung der zweiten internationalen Schule ist für das zweite Kalenderhalbjahr 2016 vorgesehen” (Schriftliche Anfrage Nr. 17/18380 vom 12.4.2016 Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin).

The NMS School Conference  and several guests discussed our position against this backdrop and, to my delight, has unanimously agreed on a formal message to the Senatsverwaltung, which I have forwarded today. You can read both the message and minutes in the document attached.

In my view this is a very important step towards establishing the State International School as a school type of its own kind in Berlin. We are now waiting for the SenBJW to implement this transition and will discuss how we, as the NMS school community, want to contribute to this and steer the process.

Kind regards to you all​​,

Christian Nitschke​
Schulleiter/Head of School

One of the many activities this week in the primary school in celebration of Madiba Week was 6C's bake sale. And where better to donate the money than Africa? Specifically, to the World Wildlife Fund to help protect African lions. This will be the second donation from 6C to the WWF fund this year as the children have a big interest in animals and feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment. We’re looking forward to a visit from Brit Reichelt-Zohlo, NMS parent and WWF lion expert, who will be telling 6C about her recent trip to Africa visiting a lion conservation project there. Thanks to 6C parents and children for the baking and selling, and to everyone who bought the very delicious cake!

Sandra Pyne for Team 6C


Wear your clothes inside out on Tuesday, April 26th and become a part of the fashion revolution project @ NMS. On the P30 campus several activities will take place between 10.30am and 3pm to help inform you about the fashion industry, its impact on the environment and the working practices used by some companies to maximize profit.

Join us and learn sustainable, healthy and worker-friendly ways to be fashionable! Come and upcycle clothes with fashion designer Wilfried Pletzinger, admire the recycling fashion show, swap fashion and make-up tips, and learn about fashion production. Come and join us!

For digital skills@home and in school!
For Students, Parents, Teachers & Educators

The monthly Nelson Mandela School Cool Tools are collected, shared and written by NMS teacher and Head of IT Annemieke Akkermans. Her favourite cool tools for educators are interactive, promote engaged learning, are free of charge and don’t require the creation of an account. Check out the latest Cool Tool!

for May 2016: Make beliefs comix

This Cool Tool speaks for itself with a simple comic I made in fifteen minutes (just imagine what your students can do :-) Great for use in language lessons (choose between English, Spanish, German, French, Italian  Portuguese or Latin) or playful practice at home. No need for anyone to sign up, simply save your comic as a png image onto  your device or email it to yourself. Also available as mobile app – free obviously. Here are some useful ideas from the makers:

The IB visual arts students of 2016  final year exhibition opened on Monday 18 April 2016. Here are some pictures.

Liebe Kinder, Eltern und Kollegen,

wir fordern euch heraus an diesem Donnerstag beim Frühlingsfest in der P23 unseren Parcours in der Aula zu absolvieren. Wir suchen die schnellsten Flexis, 3. und 4. Klässler, 5. und 6. Klässler und Erwachsenen. In diesen 4 Altersklassen könnt ihr euch messen und versuchen Nelson Mandela Grundschulmeister/meisterin zu werden.

Wir freuen uns auf eure schnellen Zeiten.

Euer Parcoursteam
Nicholas Ralph & Friedo Hehmann

The seminar for 4th - 8th grade parents has now been rescheduled to

Wednesday 27 April 2016 at 19.00 hrs

Parents who have already registered do not need to sign up again! The programme on Wednesday 27th April will be as follows:

  • 19.00 - 20.00 hrs – seminar for 4th - 8th grade parents
  • 20.15 - 21.15 hrs  seminar for 7th - 10th grade parents

All parents are welcome to attend both seminars!

Read on for more information and registration links.