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Beginning of school in August

Abi/IB: International Seminar Day 28./29.08.2014


P60 is now B24!

Notice to all Parents with Children on the P60 Campus (Prinzregentenstr. 60):

Nelson Mandela School administration has made the decision to use the designation B24 instead of P60 for the additional school campus that will house the Flex G, Flex H, 3D and 4D plus 7E, 8E, 9E, 10E classes. From this time on, please remember the official address for the third NMS campus is Babelsberger  Str. 24-25, 10715 Berlin.  We ask that you use this entrance for children drop off and parent evenings.

B24 Flex parents please attend your parent meeting on Wednesday, 27 August at the building on Babelsberger Str. even though your child's Einschulung will be in the Aula at the Pfalzburger Str. building on Saturday, 30 August.

For B24 3rd and 4th grade students and parents, please join the rest of the new students and parents in the Foyer at the Pfalzburger Str. on the first day of school, Monday, 25 August, at 9:00 for a family welcome.  During this welcome all students will be escorted to their classrooms which includes the B24 students.  New parents are welcome to stay for a breakfast meeting to learn more about the school.

Nelson-Mandela-Schule gründete eigenen Schulsportverein

Nun hat unsere Schule einen eigenen Schulsportverein! Dank enormer Unterstützung durch unsere engagierte Elternschaft gründeten wir am 06.06.2014 unseren Schulsportverein:

Sport Club International an der Nelson-Mandela-Schule Berlin“ (kurz: SCI).

In den Vorstand wurden gewählt:
Jörg Fraikin (1. Vorsitzender), Elke Wienkamp (2. Vorsitzende), Anna Meyer (Schatzmeisterin), Martin Röthenmeier (Vertreter des Kollegiums aus dem Fachbereich Sport), Leon Redlinger (Vertreter der jugendlichen Athleten), Bianca Ziegler (Schriftführerin).

Als Kassenprüfer wurden Jochen Frenzel und Volker Bley gewählt.
Als nächstes steht nun die Eintragung in das Vereinsregister im Amtsgericht Charlottenburg an.

Summer Greetings from the Head

Dear Parents, Students, Team Members and Colleagues, Friends of the School,

Summer at last — just few days before we plunge into the summer break, it is my pleasure to greet you with some concluding remarks on this eventful school year 2013-14, my first at the Nelson Mandela School.

It would be foolish to summarize the many events and initiatives that marked this year, even more so since our first NMS YEARBOOK has just appeared and gives a truly magnificent overview of our community and its inspiring array of activities. On more than 350 pages, you can read and see who we are and what the Nelson Mandela School stands for. Ianessa Norris, Roslyn Simms and Sandra Ehlermann, together with many contributors and supporters, deserve the highest praise for shouldering this beautiful project. I hope you have secured your personal copy!

Equal praise is due to our graduation class 2014, who managed to impress us all with outstanding exam results. Of the 49 Abi students, 33 students reached a 1 as the first digit. Our IB graduates are still waiting for their results to come in, but, from all we know, they will be equally successful — once again, my heartfelt congratulations to all students and their families. We all know that grades alone cannot be a comprehensive indicator of what we strive for as a school. The graduation ceremony and other festivities around, however, amply showed that our students have much more to offer than academic vigor: the way they presented themselves and their plans for the future, the way they greeted their peers, thanked their parents, and lauded their teachers for lifting them to where they are now emanated an acute sense of community, understanding and generosity. It makes me proud to be part of such a community of learners.

We purposefully end the year with an Umuganda Day. This idea came to us through a student visit in Ruanda this winter. The term Umuganda stands for the act of “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome” and has become a regular part of public life and as such a great success in Ruanda these days. At our school, we also feel the need to further build and enhance the spirit of togetherness and lateral accountability. Verging on the number of 1300 students, we as a school community have to rely on every one’s participation and feeling of responsibility. Our special status as the State International School that comes with many privileges also obliges us all. It is this very spirit that has brought the school to be what it is, and, as the parting graduates have communicated to us, is something they have truly cherished but also urge us to sustain and keep track of in years of further growth.

In this spirit bear with us and let me finish with my special thanks to the entire community, our parent council and its splendid leadership and the fabulous team of teachers, educators and staff in particular, for the vibrant energy and full commitment to our school.

Have a refreshing and happy summer vacation — with kind wishes,

Christian Nitschke

Abiturergebnisse: sehr gut

Die Nelson-Mandela-Schule  hat – zusammen mit dem Evangelischen Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster – den zweitbesten Abiturdurchschnitt (1,7) aller Berliner Schulen erreicht.

Festival of Nations 2014

Nelson-Mandela-Schule nahm am Berliner Firmenlauf 2014 teil

Am 28. Mai 2014 nahm ein kleines Team unserer Schule am Berliner Firmenlauf über 5,5 Kilometer um den Tiergarten teil. Eltern, Schüler und das Kollegium waren gemeinsam am Start. Trotz starkem Landregen und kühlen Temperaturen starteten abends um 19:50 Uhr über 6700 Läuferinnen und Läufer am Brandenburger Tor.

Unsere Teammitglieder erreichten starke Zeiten, Keyhan Hatami (Kl. 12 Q1Q2) wurde nach lockerem Trainingslauf gesamt 7. in einer Zeit von 17:41 min.  Florentine Baumann lief schnelle 27:29 min., Kate Heidemann war knapp danach in 27:33 min. und Artemisa Ruiz Bustos nach 28:00 min. im Ziel. Jörg Fraikin erreichte 24:16 min., David Brown schaffte 24:45 min., und knapp dahinter kam Charles Spiller nach 24:53 min. ins Ziel.

Damit konnten in der Teamwertung von 1985 Mannschaften die Plätze 66 und 618 erreicht werden. Als nächster gemeinsamer Teamwettkampf stehen im Herbst die Halbmarathon- oder die Marathonstaffel an.

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