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School Speaker Elections at NMS Secondary

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the newly elected school speakers,

Immanuel Colombo  Q3/4 and
Thomas Borowsky (Q3/4).

Their team received 358 out of 502 valid votes. My CONGRATULATIONS and have a good start! Thank you to everyone who ran for office, and to all who prepared and participated in the election.

We owe special thanks to Niklas Gantenberg and Freddie Brown. Both did an outstanding job as speakers in the past year and have done tremendous work for the school community! Congratulations to you, too. Thank you very much for your willingness to support the start of our new speakers. This is the spirit.

Christian Nitschke

MINI-Marathon 27.09.2014

Herausragende Ergebnisse mit Platz 4 und Platz 6 für unsere Schulteams beim 26. BMW MINI-Marathon am 27.09.2014!

HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH! Insgesamt starteten 8643 Schülerinnen und Schüler. Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein hatte unsere Sekundarstufe erstmals 3 komplette Teams am Start und erzielte starke Laufleistungen.

Mehr Bilder unten!

Schulpartnerschaft mit der Dong Zhimen High School, Peking

Die Nelson-Mandela-Schule hat eine Schulpartnerschaft mit der Dong Zhimen High School in Peking abgeschlossen. Aus der Pressemitteilung:

Mit großer Gastfreundschaft empfing die Schulleiterin Xue Lixa, unterstützt von städtischen Vertreterinnen und Vertretern die Berliner Delegation, zu der auch die Stellvertretende Bezirksverordnetenvorsteherin, Annegret Hansen, und Jan Berewinkel von der Wirschaftsförderung gehörten. Nach einer eindrucksvollen Führung durch die zentral gelegene High School mit rund 2300 Schülerinnen und Schülern unterzeichneten Xuw Lixia und Christian Nitschke, Schulleiter der Staatlichen Internationalen Nelson-Mandela-Schule, feierlich den Freundschaftsvertrag. Beide Schulen wollen den pädagogischen Austausch der Lehrkräfte sowie Austauschprogramme und Sprachkurse für die Schülerinnen und Schüler beider Schulen fördern und entwickeln.

P23: Parent Jam Alert!

Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up in Pfalzburger Straße can be made safer and easier for everyone if you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Leave your home ten minutes earlier. You'll be amazed how much less stressful it is.
  • Don’t drive into Pfalzburger Straße. Park a short walk away.
  • Don’t double park.
  • Don’t block the pavement.
  • Don’t reverse very close to the children and the crossing patrol.
  • Don’t park near or on the road crossing in front of the school door.
  • Respect the Year 6 crossing patrol and the parent traffic patrol.

For digital skills@home and in school!
For Students, Parents, Teachers & Educators

Check this page every week for the latest and greatest Cool Tool curated by NMS′s own Annemieke Akkermans, a Secondary IT and Flex class teacher.

for 29 September 2014: CLEARLY

Sometimes you come across tools that instany make your professional life a bit easier. Clearly is one of those. When you read your news online, or like me, have tons of subscriptions to professional journals, there is always the issue of how to save the relevant bits and bobs for later use or reading. ‘Clearly’, an extension of Evernote, makes this a great deal easier. ‘Clearly’ makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean of clutter such as ads, and therefore easy to read - then save them to Evernote to read them anywhere.

PEAS Drug Prevention Workshop

P23 Traffic Message

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to remind you that safety is a priority during pick up and drop off. There are consistent traffic problems on Pfalzburger Straße in the mornings and afternoons, due to double parking, dropping off or picking up in front of the school, and stopping in driveways.

Needless to say, these traffic jams are unsafe for the pedestrians, especially when cars reverse dangerously close to the children and crossing patrols.

Please do not drive into Pfalzburger Straße when picking up or dropping off your children. Emser Strasse is a good option for parking, and you can take the shortcut through the playground near the garage at Emser Straße 11 to get to the school entrance.

Even in the 8am or 4pm haste, safety and respect should come before punctuality.

Paola Aliverti, P23 GEV Co-Chair
Ina Claussen, Primary Principal

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