Madiba Week 2015 at NMS coincided with South Africa’s Freedom Day and therefore marked a number of memorable events that took place in and out of school this week.

On Monday, April 20th 2015, the exchange students from the Nelson Mandela School of Science and Technology in Mvezo on the Eastern Cape arrived. Bringing South African sunshine, Ntando Tshinavha and Anda August  together with their teacher Ms. Mkhizwana spent an exciting week in Berlin participating in many highlight events and sightseeing trips with their hosts Isabel 9d, Emma 10b and Clara 8a.

Wednesday’s assemblies with tightly packed schedules were moderated with aplomb by Danielle (IB 11). The NMS Kammerchor and the Ndlovu Youth Choir from South Africa brought the house down with their renditions. Dr. Hugo Tempelmann, medic and philanthropist with a life long experience in South Africa impressed on the students the importance of education and disease prevention.

Two NMS students of class 9b and 9d respectively prepared several interviews with staff members aiming at highlighting educational values such as Bilingualism, Democracy and Human Rights, Intercultural Learning, Global Development and Sustainability.

The South African students presented their school in return and portrayed the values of Mr. Mandela impressively, showing how alive and worthy to uphold his legacy is.

Thursday’s Freedom Day took the group of active participating students and teachers  to the South African Embassy to celebrate the event, meeting with the Ambassador and being treated amongst speeches, to another performance of the choir.

Friday’s Fashion Revolution Day was the closure of the week demonstrating awareness of the sustainability concept. An event NMS will seek to repeat and promote.

Isabel 9d and Onno 9b
Photos Aren Kamm 9b

Liebe Eltern der Primary,

wir laden Sie herzlich zu unserem diesjährigen Frühlingsfest ein:

am 21.Mai 2015,
von 14.00 bis 17.00 Uhr.

Es erwarten Sie eine Tanzvorführung, die Schulband, Darbietungen der Musikschule, Spiel- und Bastelangebote, freundliche Eltern und interessante Gespräche.

For digital skills@home and in school!
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Check this page every week for the latest and greatest Cool Tool curated by NMS’s own Annemieke Akkermans, a Secondary IT and Flex class teacher.

for 27 April 2015: Teamviewer

 This Cool Tool could become your favourite piece of software, especially for presenters, lecturers, teachers and students who want to display their personal device’s screen via a beamer or interactive whiteboard, or remote control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds. For this you use Teamviewer, a tool used by 200 million people apparently, so this may not be all that new to you. You don’t even have to download the software – yet I do recommend this, as it makes the process a great deal easier. Teamviewer can also be used for online meetings, although for this more professional purpose the premium version should be purchased, the free version is only for individual users.

Das von der Bibliothek der NMS initiierte Bildungsprojekt BücherboXX hat Ende März einen weiteren Schritt zur Integration unserer Schule im Kiez genommen. Bei der Aufstellung und Einweihung der BücherboXX „Europa“ waren Anwohner des Leon-Jessel-Platzes, Kollegen des Goethe-Gymnasiums, der Comenius-Schule und Frau Dagmar König (Stadträtin Willmersdorf) anwesend.

Auch die Suchttherapeutische Einrichtung Tannenhof, die eine große Einrichtung nur 250 Meter entfernt von unserer Schule betreiben, haben sich unserem Projekt angeschlossen. Durch diese Kooperation haben wir einen großen Schritt hinsichtlich Bekanntheit und Akzeptanz unserer Schule in der Nachbarschaft gemacht.

Weitere Unterstützer des Projekts sind die Schule an der Jungfernheide, die Initiative Bookcrosser, Vertreter mehrerer politischer Parteien, ein Künstler, Geschäfte/Firmen der Umgebung, zwei OSZ-Schulen und ein Vertreter des Afrikanischen Magazins LONAM.

Unser langfristiges Ziel ist eine eigene BücherboXX mit dem Schwerpunktthema „Afrika“ zu entwickeln, zu bauen und diese dauerhaft im Umkreis unserer Schule zu installieren. Dies ist eine große Chance unsere Schule nachhaltig positiv ins Bewusstsein des Bezirks zu verankern.

Today, 24 April 2015, is Fashion Revolution Day. Also students and teachers NMS are wearing their shirts inside out today. In Flex A we learned about how a t-shirt is made. We also checked where our shirts came from; mostly they were produced far away. We included our results in an online map using Padlet, a Cool Tool :)

Did you know that 2700 liters of water are needed to produce one t-shirt? Cotton is a very thirsty plant...

Dear NMS Parents (B24 & P30 7th - 10th Grade),

Student Registration begins Monday for the NMS Secondary Workshop Courses. Online Registration Deadline is Friday, 1 May at 20:00.

All NMS 7th-10th grade students are required to register and attend a Workshop that begins 12 May.

If your child requires a waiver, please read and follow the waiver processread and follow the waiver process to be considered but please remember there is no guarantee of a waiver. Due to the HOLIDAY on FRIDAY, all waiver materials are due on Thursday, 30 April at 12:00 noon.

Parents please advise your child to choose their first and second choice workshops wisely.  Once the workshops begin, students are not allowed to switch workshops except under extraordinary circumstances (breaks a leg and can no longer run in the Rugby workshop). As part of the registration process, we expect the following from students and their parents:

Dear parents, dear teachers, dear educators and friends,

Please pull out your calendars and get ready to save an important date. The next Boogie Night is about to be announced! It will feel like a Midsummer Night's Dream when we'll dance, eat, drink and have fun on

SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015!

The Silent Auction will again be one of the highlights. The money raised here makes many investments for the school possible that otherwise could not be financed. Please help us again to make this year's Auction a success by finding sponsors, donating vouchers or other interesting items.

The IB Visual Art students of 2015 opened their final art exhibition on Thursday 23rd April 2015.

Participating artists: Siri Black, Michaela Erskine, Rory Gregory, Connie Hamilton, Mona Ivinskis, Jasmine Kill, Jade Manning, Josephine Mul, Celine Niemitz-Rossant, Fiona Röthling, Jasmine Toubel and Logan Wenzel.